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It blocks all 18 and over content on the children’s phones, and it can stop children from searching for and viewing restricted content on web-enabled phones.

Family Allowances lets parents limit the number of minutes, texts, and data their children can use on their phone.

Lastly, Parental Controls allows parents to track their children through the GPS function on their phone.

Texts and/or emails will be sent to parents to alert them to their child’s location.

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Finding a mobile plan that’s right for your family can be tough.It also allows parents to block inappropriate web content and specific numbers so that their children can’t text or call a particular number.They also offer a service called Data Blocker, which is free.It allows parents to set limits on minutes, messages, data usage, and purchases of VZ branded content, such as games and applications.

Usage Controls will also allow parents to set limits on cell phone usage during certain times of day or days of the week.In addition, parents can designate “always allowed” numbers and “never allowed” numbers. The newest service T-Mobile offers is called Drive Smart.