Invalidating a nstimer

16-Sep-2014 06:57

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You can then call invalidate on the NSTimer instance: It’s also good practice to nil out the instance variable (for example if your method that invalidates the timer is called more than once and the instance variable hasn’t been set to nil and the NSTimer instance has been deallocated, it will throw an exception).Note also the point on Memory Management at the bottom of the article: Because the run loop maintains the timer, from the perspective of memory management there’s typically no need to keep a reference to a timer after you’ve scheduled it.For example, you could create an NSTimer object that sends a message to a window, telling it to update itself after a certain time interval.” Apple Firstly I’d like to draw your attention to the Cocoa/CF documentation (which is always a great first port of call).The Apple docs have a section at the top of each reference article called “Companion Guides”, which lists guides for the topic being documented (if any exist).This means that as long as a timer remains valid, its target will not be deallocated.

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A timer waits until a certain time interval has elapsed and then fires, sending a specified message to a target object. When you create a timer, you must configure it so that it knows what message to send to what object when it fires.